Suarez defends Messi after media releases contract

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Luis Suarez has defended Lionel Messi after media revelations about his contract with Barcelona in 2020.

         El Mundo reveals Messi’s condition to stay at the club In addition to the huge salary, there are bonuses of 8.7 million pounds, including a private plane to take you back to Argentina over Christmas. and the club’s VIP box at the camp. Nou for his own family, including Suarez’s family.

         Suarez insists that the demands are normal. and was shocked by the reports that some people attacked this ufabet.

         “It reminds me It’s very normal for all players,” the 35-year-old told Marca. Everyone should have their own box. For example, I have mine at Atletico Madrid, as well as at Nacional.”

         “That’s why I laughed at the reports that came out. In fact, Leo’s story is about trying to make life easier for the club. Because our whole family united It’s just a box. It’s harder for Barça, if Suarez has one, Messi has another (laughs).”

As well as the box at the Nou Camp, other demands in the June 2020 negotiations  included lowering his buyout clause from £610m to a nominal fee of just £8,700 after accepting a 20 per cent pay cut in 2020-21 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he asked for his net salary of £65m a year to be increased to £71.5m a year for the next two seasons, plus three per cent in annual interest.