Z on TV: Agitated by Gumbel, Green in CBS telecast of Ravens loss

I was mainly fine with Sunday’s telecast of the Ravens’ 27-23 loss to the New York Giants until the point when there was only 2:11 left in the game.

At that point, with the Ravens on the Giants’ 2-yard line and about to score a go-ahead touchdown, CBS gave us a replay of a controversial pass interference call that put Baltimore in the position to score. The call was against Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie defending Breshad Perriman.

Analyst Trent Green told viewers he didn’t see pass interference “live” or “on replay” after the first replay was shown. Neither did I.

But when a replay from a different camera angle was shown at 2:11 after the Ravens ran another play, Green said of Cromartie, “Look at the right arm here. It’s around his waist, around his jersey, pulling him back. That’s what the official called. Good work by our cameras guys getting us that look at it.”

Green added a yellow squiggle line presumably to make his point, but it mostly highlighted Cromartie’s left thigh, which had nothing to do with the play.

The play was bang-bang, and I praise director Suzanne Smith for getting us all the angles she could and slamming that last one in there between plays while the Ravens were on the 2-yard and fans had to be jumping out of their seats.

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