WTAE's Kelly Frey has breast cancer and is beginning treatment

By Bob Batz Jr. / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

WTAE anchor Kelly Frey announced on Friday morning’s newscast the very personal news that she has breast cancer and is beginning treatment. 

She said she was beginning 24 weeks of chemotherapy today, but noted in a post on her Facebook page, “I plan to work … to be with you each and every morning unless I truly feel too sick or fatigued.”

Posts of support piled up on Facebook and on a page the television station put up with video of the newscast announcement as well as a “video diary of her experience and story so far.” The site also includes a link to information about breast cancer. 

See those at http://www.wtae.com/article/kelly-frey-s-announcement-to-the-wtae-community/9116538

Ms. Frey told her viewers, whom she considers “family,” that she has stage 1 triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma. “The cancer is ugly and it is very aggressive,” she said, but noted that her prognosis is “excellent.”

She could not be reached for comment, but noted on Facebook, “I have already been overwhelmed by the love shown to me and the outpouring of prayers.”

She noted that this isn’t as bad as the anguish, about which she also was public, surrounding her son, whom doctors had recommended she abort after he was diagnosed in the womb with a severe defect of brain formation that he had no chance of surviving. But she and her husband decided to have the child and work with his medical conditions. 

“When I see my 7-year old, 67-pound son,” she wrote, “I am reminded every day how absolutely precious and priceless life is.”

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