WATCH: Donald Trump Says the Media Is Trying to Get Him Defeated in the Election

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top story even after the access Hollywood tape and the growing number of women accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct the race for president is still close. According to a new ABC news Washington post poll Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by four points which is within the margin of error. There are those some worrying signs in this poll for trump, enthusiasm for his candidacy fallen by 12% among his supporters and two-thirds of registered voters reject his claim he did not make unwanted sexual advances towards women. Trump has been making some unfounded charges raising eyebrows this morning. We’re going to kick our coverage off with ABC’s Mary Bruce in our Washington bureau. Good morning to you. Reporter: Well Donald Trump is pointing fingers this morning at the media. His accusers and his opponents suggesting without evidence their in cahoots saying the system is rigged against him and he’s now making the unfounded claim that Hillary Clinton may be on drugs. I think she’s actually getting pumped up. With the final debate around the corner Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton might have an unfair advantage. Drugs. The beginning of her last debate she was all pumped up at the beginning and at the end, it was like, oh, take me down. Trump suggesting they should face off before their big face-off Wednesday night. I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. With just 23 days to go, trump is crying foul saying he’s the victim of a conspiracy to deny him the election. The election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect Hillary Clinton president. In response, the Clinton campaign saying in a statement, the electoral system is free, fair and open. And should be encouraged, not dismissed or undermined because a candidate is afraid he’s going to lose. Trump is on the attack as a growing number of women accuse him of sexual misconduct. All stories all made up. Lies. Lies. Trump is fiercely fighting back going directly after his accusers like Jessica Leeds who says trump groped her on a plane in the ’80s. How about this crazy woman on the airplane. Okay. I mean, can anybody believe that one. Leeds says the inappropriate behavior lasted 15 minutes but trump says his supports wouldn’t tolerate such boldness. 15 minute. With the ladies in this place it would be one second and it would be smack. We’re back with Mary in Washington. Is the trump campaign offering any evidence to back up this claim that Hillary Clinton was on drugs during the debate? No. Trump is raising questions about Clinton’s behavior in and around the debates and comparing the two to athletes and suggesting they take a drug test before that next big competition. Paula. Thank you. Hillary Clinton meantime off the

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