Wanted: People who don't like to exercise, but love chocolate

This will seem hard to believe, but it’s true.

UC San Diego is seeking healthy older people who don’t like to exercise, yet like chocolate.

So says the flyer from UCSD Health Sciences, which says it is conducting “a randomized controlled pilot study … to determine if consuming a cocoa extract daily (as compared to a placebo) can improve your muscle strength and function.”

The university says that, to qualify, you must:

–Be between the age of 65-80

–Be a non-smoker

–Currently engage in less than 150 minutes of moderate physical activity/week

–Not have major diseases or mobility limitations

–Not be taking dietary supplements, statins or steroids

Researchers say the potential benefits include increased cognitive and physical fitness awareness, knowledge of your bone mineral density and body composition, and up to $100 in compensation.

To inquire about the study, call 858-534-9315.

The study is led by research Deborah Kado and is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health/Aging.

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