‘The Leftovers’: Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Be Ready For Season 3

The former chief of police in Mapleton, NY, Kevin (Justin Theroux) moved to the town of Jarden, Texas (known as “Miracle”) with his girlfriend, Nora, daughter Jill, and adopted daughter Lily. Kevin and his family had just settled in Jarden when he began to experience strange phenomena. Waking up in dry lake beds after a somnambulistic suicide attempt, seeing visions of Patti Levin (Ann Dowd), that sort of thing.

Kevin was eventually so plagued by Patti’s spectral presence that he sought out a remedy from John Murphy’s exiled father-in-law, Virgil. Said remedy involved ingesting poison and going through a kind of purgatory: In the episode “International Assassin,” Kevin woke up in an otherworldly hotel populated by people who’d died. Kevin was tasked with killing Patti in order to pass back to life. After he did — and crawled out of his grave — he returned to Jarden … only to have John shoot him in the chest after suspecting him of having something to do with his daughter Evie’s disappearance. Kevin was once again returned to the hotel, where this time he had to sing karaoke in order to get out.

Having returned from the dead twice in the span of a day, Kevin returned to his home as Jarden burned after a raid by the Guilty Remnant. The season ended with Kevin reunited with his family.

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