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Julia Louis-Dreyfus — and her tightfitting, rage-inducing wardrobe — returns for another well-dressed season.

“Veep” returns to HBO tonight (Sunday, April 16), providing another season’s worth of opportunities to watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus give a master class in comedy — and, along the way, to watch how perfectly the show’s costume designer Kathleen Felix Hager dresses Louis-Dreyfus’ ever-so-tightly-wound character, former President (and, of course, Vice President) Selina Meyer. In a uniform of fitted sheath dresses, towering heels and bright colors — such as this slim-skirted red print dress, worn at the beginning of the new season — Selina always, in Felix Hager’s words, “likes to be the shiniest object in the room.” The clothes, Louis-Dreyfus has said, are useful to the portrayal. “I feel physically very constricted. It works for the character because she’s uptight and she definitely feels constrained. It’s a nice metaphor for who she is, character-wise.”

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