Richard Anthony Sepolio is seen on the ground after crashing his truck off the Coronado Bridge.

The intoxicated U.S. Navy member who killed four festival-goers in San Diego when he lost control of his pickup truck Saturday can be seen in a Facebook live video splayed out on the ground, clutching his stomach and screaming in pain as emergency responders surround him.

Richard Anthony Sepolio, 25, was driving across a bridge from the Coronado Island naval base when he slammed through a guardrail around 3:30 p.m., landing some 60 feet below in Chicano Park where a family-friendly motorcycle festival was ongoing.

Festival-goers scurried for cover as the truck tumbled off the busy freeway and crushed a vendor booth, killing Arizona couple Cruz and Annamarie Contreras and Los Angeles residents Andre Banks and Francine Jimenez. Another nine people were hospitalized with minor injuries after the chaotic crash.

A GoFundMe page set up for the Contreras described the couple as loving grandparents who leave behind three daughters and several grandchildren. 

Sepolio, who remains at a hospital in critical condition, has been charged with four counts of vehicular manslaughter and DUI. His rank in the Navy was not immediately disclosed.

Guillermo Gonzalez, of San Diego, attended the festival and started a Facebook live broadcast moments after Sepolio plummeted off the bridge.

“It was very chaotic,” Gonzalez told the Daily News. “I thought, ‘this car has probably ran over a few people.'”

Cruz Elias Contreras, 52, and Annamarie Contreras, 50, died after Sepolio's truck crushed them.

Cruz Elias Contreras, 52, and Annamarie Contreras, 50, died after Sepolio’s truck crushed them.


Gonzalez said he was standing in line to go to the restroom when he heard the car come crashing down. He started filming as soon as he heard people screaming in horror.

4 people killed, 9 injured after car flies off San Diego bridge

Walking up to the crash site, Gonzalez spotted a few people pulling Sepolio out of the truck.

“He seemed very, very whole, he almost seemed unharmed other than the obvious shock that he was in,” Gonzalez said. “He kept saying something like, ‘I can’t feel my hands, I can’t feel my hands.'”


The chaotic crash injured at least nine people and killed four.

(Hayne Palmour IV/AP)

Video shows Sepolio, wearing a blue t-shirt and cargo shorts, clutching his stomach and shrieking in pain as at least four emergency responders surround him.

Gonzalez said he saw at least two dead victims on the ground nearby the wrecked pickup. Since ambulance personnel didn’t arrive on the scene until some minutes later, Gonzalez said panicked festival-goers covered their bodies up with blankets they had been sitting on moments earlier.

“They covered them up because they had died instantly,” Gonzales said.

Gonzalez, who’s originally from Mexico, said the festival had been going swimmingly until the tragic crash. People of all ages were dancing, singing and laughing, as the afternoon sun beamed down on a stage where rockabilly bands played upbeat tunes.

“Everybody was having a really good time,” he said. “It was a classic, nice San Diego day. Then tragedy fell from the sky.”

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