Rate your Chicago police encounter with Excuse Me Officer

A Chicago startup wants to let citizens rate and review interactions with police officers, a la Yelp.

The Excuse Me Officer website, and its upcoming mobile app, could provide data about heroic officers providing good service as well as about bad actors who might discriminate or sexually harass, said CEO Channing Harris.

The startup won this month’s South Side Pitch competition, hosted by the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship.

In a test period that ran from August through last week, users could leave online reviews, videos and tips regarding civilian-police interactions.

“We allow the public to keep up with the law enforcement behavioral trends happening in our own communities,” Harris said.

The database will combine public ratings with Chicago Police Department data on police misconduct allegations. (About 56,459 allegations were sent to the CPD from 2012 to 2015; 95.9 percent of them were found unsustained, according to the site.)

An iOS app is scheduled to be launched Dec. 5.

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