Protect the park-goers from bridge threat

Regarding “4 dead as pickup plunges off Coronado bridge, lands in Chicano Park” (Oct. 15): The Chicano Park tragedy that occurred this past weekend in which four people were killed and many more injured could have been prevented.

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All it would have taken to avoid these terrible deaths and injuries could have been the installation of some steel guard rails on the section of the Coronado Bridge directly over Chicano Park.

This is not the first time people have been killed because of cars going off the bridge. To date the total is at least nine deaths.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s father, Pat Brown, who was the governor at the time of the bridge’s construction, has always been considered its founding father because he pushed for its construction against local opposition. It now should be up to his son to make the long-needed safety repairs.

Abrán Quevedo

Chicano Park muralist

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