Progressives dismiss science when it doesn’t suit them

I don’t recall ever nodding my head in agreement with anything I’ve read in one of Mona Charen’s columns. Until today. She’s right that the left isn’t supportive of science across the board (“March for Science threatens our faith in science” — April 20). They are guilty of championing some science and disregarding or disputing other science, just as the right does.

Fortunately, I was able to regain my composure when she made this claim: “Whether temperatures are rising dangerously is a scientific question. What to do about it is a political question.” This is not exactly true. Very often, prior to getting into the politics of something like addressing global warming, we need science to help us figure out which solution will be most effective, not just to identify the problem. That was an unsettling moment, agreeing with Ms. Charen. I trust it won’t happen again.

Jim Morris, Evanston

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Check with Congress on military actions

I’m a Vietnam era Navy veteran; my brother’s name is on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C. and my son is currently an Army Sergeant with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. We all volunteered and fully believe in the oath we took when we did — “to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” We have engaged in four “undeclared” wars in my lifetime, sacrificing thousands of lives and untold wealth.

With the current militarization of the White House and the inflammatory talk, Congress has remained silent. I truly fear for my country with this current atmosphere. Please — no more! Follow the Constitution. Military action must have prior Congressional approval.

Greg Marshall, Oak Forest

No cash for kids, plenty for lights

Sorry, kids. Chicago does not have money for you, your teachers or your schools. But Chicago does have money for new lights and the countless other pet projects that our politicians want completed. One day, maybe the children really will make it on the priority list in this city.

Justin Nowak, Dunning


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