Portside Pier: Anthony’s belongs in that waterfront spot

Regarding “7 Reasons Anthony’s replacement by Brigantine might be derailed” (March 8): Everyone I talk to is in shock that the San Diego Unified Port District chose the Brigantine instead of Anthony’s for that prime location. The reason given was because Brigantine had a better design. Now that design is not acceptable to the Coastal Commission. The Brigantine is not San Diego. It’s not a wow experience for tourists and locals.

It all sounds like a power grab by the owners of Brigantine with some inside connections. Native San Diegans want Anthony’s. The port should start over with the design process and open up negotiations with Anthony’s again. Anthony’s is a San Diego institution and should be at that location. We need to look at other cities and understand that history is very important to everyone.

Robert Geiler

Scripps Ranch

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All the drawings shown of the Portside Pier restaurant project are as seen from a low-flying helicopter which gives little idea of how it would fit the Embarcadero.

Few people will be experiencing it from this perspective and certainly not arriving that way. It appears to be a UFO that has landed in the bay and about to invade downtown. It certainly doesn’t have an inviting appeal as a restaurant: an aquarium maybe?

It makes no sense to limit the Coastal Commission review because it’s a restaurant. The reason we have the commission is to review the impact of development of any kind along our coast.

Nat Antler

Del Mar

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