Pen Lucy's 'haunted house' gives way to create hope for young homeless

Take a last look at the old white house at 4201 York Road, now marked by broken windows, a collapsing porch and unruly trees.

In a few weeks, the wreckers will arrive, and the house, along with the frame cottage next door, will be gone. A third structure fronting 43rd Street is also scheduled for demolition.

Structures are torn down all the time in Baltimore, but this white house is notable: It looks haunted.

It seems larger than it actually is because it sits atop a hill. There’s a wrought-iron gate and a flight of steep steps leading up from York Road. The white columns around its porch make it appear more impressive than its neighbors in the Pen Lucy neighborhood.

There’s a clue to its past above its front door. A leaded-glass transom reads “Moran Funeral Home.” The patch of green that surrounds the house became overgrown long ago. The untended vines and trees add to the site’s eerie atmosphere.

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