Maryland police stood apart from others in “no endorsement” of Trump

Maryland‘s Fraternal Order of Police dissented from joining other state police unions in endorsing Republican nominee Donald Trump for president last month.

Trump got the backing of 39 of 45 delegates to win the two-thirds majority needed to secure the national organization’s endorsement, according to its president, Chuck Canterbury. Five states and the District of Columbia voted not to endorse; none voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he said. Each state had three choices: Trump, Clinton, or no endorsement.

Maryland’s FOP chose not to endorse in the presidential race after a vote at its statewide conference in Baltimore in August, said Darryl Jones, a board member of the state organization. He said more than 400 members “overwhelmingly” accepted a motion to not endorse.

Jones didn’t want to speculate about any one member’s reasoning but said there was a “frustration” with both candidates. The national FOP represents about 330,000 members, including more than 20,000 current and retired FOP members in Maryland.

Canterbury attributed the endorsement for Trump to the candidate’s campaigning on the need for “law and order” and on his support of law enforcement officers. During the endorsement process, Trump filled out a questionnaire and met with the FOP.

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