Los Angeles' top elections officer talks about voter fraud, polling place intimidation in Reddit chat

The questions posed by Reddit users on Monday to the top elections officer in Los Angeles ranged from small problems over where to cast an early ballot to broader concerns about election security.

Dean Logan, Los Angeles County’s registrar of voters, attempted to answer almost all of them during the hour-long online conversation.

Asked about intimidation of voters at the polls, possibly inspired by criticisms over comments by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, Logan said the question has been popping up of late a lot in his office.

“We, of course, encourage people to observe all elements of the process, but any disruption of voters or intimidation of voters is unacceptable.” he wrote.

Another Reddit user asked about whether all ballots mailed or dropped off at a polling place are counted.

“Any valid and timely received vote by mail ballot will be counted and included in the certified election results,” wrote Logan. “I am always surprised by this question.”

Logan said that officials mailed some 1.8 million ballots last week to Los Angeles County’s permanent absentee voters, with one-time requests for ballots by mail being sent out this week.

Asked by one Reddit user about a potential way for voter fraud with absentee ballots, Logan said it is important to note that the voter doing so “would be signing an oath under penalty of perjury.”

He also agreed with one questioner’s concern that voter turnout was too low, and suggested that a new state law’s significant expansion of voting by mail may help.

“I think the model of voting we use is somewhat outdated and unfamiliar to new voters,” Logan said.

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