It's the misogyny, stupid


Remember when you rarely heard that term? It was one of those words like “crapulent” or “adumbrate” that might appear on the SAT or a TV quiz show but rarely popped up in newsprint or conversation.

Even if you could define it, you didn’t use it, unless you were a paid critic fulminating about Philip Roth novels or Alfred Hitchcock movies.

But we’re living in a new age. It’s the age of a female presidential candidate who is routinely and publicly called a bitch and worse. It’s the age of her male rival, who glibly reduces women to weight, body parts and numerical ratings.

It’s an age when women are so fed up with the demeaning attitudes and acts provoked and revealed by this campaign that they take to the streets, as protesters did outside Chicago’s Trump Tower on Tuesday, waving signs that mocked the self-styled ladies’ man for predatory and debasing remarks he dismisses as locker-room talk.

It’s an age when, to tweak an old campaign truism, it’s not just the economy, stupid. The misogyny matters too.

Misogyny. From the Greek. Misos for hatred. Gune for women.

Lately, the word has proliferated in headlines, in sound bites, on the lips of pundits, attached to stories of groping, coarse language, harassment, worse.

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