In the kitchen: Savory Indian breakfast porridges

It would seem everyone has an opinion when it comes to breakfast. For some of us, breaking the fast is a daily ritual; for others, it’s a waste of time during a busy morning. Some of us prefer a sweet start to the day; still others prefer savory, or perhaps simply a coffeehouse beverage. This week, we turn to savory Indian breakfast porridges, flavorful bowls that might leave you rethinking how you start your day.

We also check out the seasonal offerings to be found at farmers markets. This week, we focus on lima beans, along with some of our favorite recipes.

— Noelle Carter


Imagine sitting down to a light bowl of porridge, perhaps made from coarsely-ground wheat or flattened rice flakes, flavored with fresh curry leaves and ginger, lime juice, cilantro and sliced chiles, the texture enhanced with toasted nuts or bits of cubed potato. Food writers Michelle Huneven and Kannan Mahadevan each returned from recent trips to India — Huneven to the south; Mahadevan to the west — to share their new favorite breakfast recipes for upma and poha

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