Haunted Volo: Ghost tales, strange happenings at antique mall, old farm house

As Brian Grams and Lisa Santiago walked toward the grave of Civil War soldier Wallace H. Gale at the Volo Cemetery, a burst of cold wind blew in dark clouds, casting a shadow on the formerly sunny October day.

It’s just the autumn weather, Grams thought. But Santiago, his cousin, thought it might be a sign from Gale. The soldier has been said to haunt the Volo Antique Mall she manages, which is right next to the Volo Cemetery.

The building that houses the mall is owned by the Grams family and once was a dairy barn built in 1848 by the Gale family. Wallace H. Gale, who grew up on the property in an old farmhouse next door to the barn, starved to death in Tennessee while serving in the Civil War, Santiago said.

His body was returned to the homestead for burial, she said, and you can see the tombstone from a window in the antique mall.

Over the years, mall visitors have reported seeing a young boy staring at them from outside the window on the fourth floor. Others claim to have seen perfume bottles floating in the air, and images of a soldier, Santiago and Grams said.

“Our whole family has had unexplained experiences since they purchased the property” more than a half-century ago, said Santiago, whose parents, Grams’ aunt and uncle, now live in the 1850s farmhouse where Wallace H. Gale lived. Grams, his own parents and Santiago have lived in that house as well, and say they have experienced spooky occurrences there.

Meanwhile Grams, who owns and manages the Volo Auto Museum, which is also on the property, said he’s never experienced any ghostly happenings there.

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