Gary Johnson denies the election is rigged or that he was high for his 'Aleppo moment'

“No, elections are not rigged … why does he continue to say these things day after day? I have no clue.” Johnson told CNN’s Dana Bash during the “Politics on Tap” event in Las Vegas. “I think the guy’s toast. I don’t think people are going to vote for him.”

He also said he believed the women who said the Republican nominee inappropriately groped them or kissed them. Trump has denied all the allegations, suggesting they are surfacing now because of a “smear” campaign to derail his candidacy.

“Yes, I do (believe them.) And I think that his comments that he made were beyond inappropriate,” Johnson said, referring to the recently published 2005 recording of Trump describing sexually aggressive behavior. “And he makes those comments and he says, ‘Gee, that’s locker room talk’ … nine women have come forward, that goes beyond locker talk. That’s reality.”

Johnson reiterated that Trump’s comments aren’t just what the Republican nominee defended as “locker room talk” at the second presidential debate.

“I don’t buy that (all of the allegations are made up),” he said. “Too many women coming forward and the conversation goes beyond any conversation I’ve ever had in my life.”

Johnson added: “The culmination of all of this and that this is more damning than anything else. This all started out for me with Donald Trump when he talked about Mexican immigration … how’s that going to work in New Mexico where half the population is Hispanic?”

“That’s when it started for me. This was unacceptable starting on day one,” said the former governor of New Mexico.

Johnson also argued in the interview that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president, either.

“There’s just so much out there (on Clinton). The revelations what I find incredible are saying one thing to Wall Street and saying one thing to main street,” Johnson said. “If Hillary Clinton is elected president, government spending will go up … We’re going to continue to drop bombs.”

And when asked why he’s not getting national security briefings that he requested along with Clinton and Trump, Johnson responded, “I’m just not relevant.”

At one point during the interview, Bash asked Johnson if he was high during his memorable interview with MSNBC when he asked, “What is Aleppo?”

He denied that was the case, and explained, “It was a brain fart.”

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