Fox Sports' Joe Buck goes easy on the Cubs curse talk

If you hadn’t been thinking it already, you wouldn’t have gotten Fox Sports announcer Joe Buck’s allusion and it certainly wouldn’t have bothered you.

Buck resisted the temptation to spell it out more clearly, though it’s still enough of a sore spot that Cubs fans might not have appreciated his restraint as much as they should have.

The DodgersYasiel Puig came to the plate in the eighth inning with one out, the bases loaded and the Cubs clinging to a lead in the eighth inning of the National League Championship Series opener Saturday night.

Puig swatted away the first pitch from reliever Aroldis Chapman. Cubs’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo tried to make the play and, for some including Buck himself, there was a bit of looking glass déjà vu.

“That’s a popup, right side, Rizzo can’t make the catch,” Buck said. “And here we are in an NLCS with a ball down the line, albeit the other side of Wrigley, where a catch, a ball, in this case went in and out of the glove of Anthony Rizzo, and he overreached, it hit him in the heel of the glove.”

There were the fans in blue hats, the reflexively outstretched hands of a few. For anyone with even a passing acquaintance with Cubs hard-luck lore, all Buck needed to say was “here we are in an NLCS with a ball down the line” to recall 2003.

Game 1 quote of the night: “The Dodgers are a gritty team. What does that mean? I don’t know. But announcers seem to say that a lot.”—Joe Buck.

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