Donald Trump's businesses have been impacted by his campaign, report says

Donald Trump regularly touts his business success as a rationale for his campaign. In the first presidential debate, he got specific, speaking of the recent opening of the new Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington. “Under budget, ahead of schedule, saved tremendous money. I’m a year ahead of schedule. And that’s what this country should be doing.”

Yet the opening hasn’t been perhaps as rosy as Trump described. Earlier this year, celebrity chefs José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian reversed plans to open a restaurant in the hotel after Trump made derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants. In early October, the hotel’s entrance was spray-painted with “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice No Peace.” And on Thursday, the hotel was surrounded by protesting members of the AFL-CIO, which represents a culinary union attempting to organize employees at the Trump Hotel Las Vegas – all signs that Trump’s political ambitions may be affecting his commercial interests.

On Friday, the location-based app Foursquare released new data supporting that idea. The app, which allows its users to “check in” at locations they visit, shows that foot traffic to Trump-branded casinos, hotels and golf courses continues to be lower than it was before his candidacy, especially in blue states.

Foursquare and its sister app, Swarm, have used their data on the foot traffic of more than 50 million users to investigate how businesses are performing in the past for retailers, hedge funds, real estate developers and others. The company predicted a drop in Chipotle’s sales after a food poisoning scandal, and forecast how many iPhones Apple would sell after the launch of its 6S. The company uses both data from check-ins and from users who allow the app to track their GPS location in the background.

The company released data in August showing that Trump-branded businesses may be suffering as a result of his candidacy. In its newest data, the company shows that foot traffic in blue states like New York, New Jersey and Illinois continues to suffer, though the outlook isn’t as bad in states that are more Republican.

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