Despite Game 3 setback, Cubs insist they are up to challenge in NLCS

President Theo Epstein got more air time during Game 4 of the National League Division Series than some of his players.

The Fox TV cameras kept showing Epstein in the stands at AT&T Park, watching the Cubs‘ offense struggle against Giants starter Matt Moore.

“I didn’t know for most of the game, but then I got a few texts from buddies saying ‘Smile, you look like you’re about to end it all,'” Epstein said Tuesday afternoon at Dodger Stadium.

The Cubs rallied in the ninth to beat the Giants and move on to the National League Championship Series, and Epstein was back in the stands again for the first road game of the National League Championship Series. He admitted before Game 3 he does get nervous during games “when things are hairy.”

Things were plenty hairy for the Cubs Tuesday night in a 6-0 loss to the Dodgers, leaving them trailing 2-1 in the best-of-seven series with Clayton Kershaw looming in Game 6, or even possibly in Game 5.

Since the championship series became a best-of-seven affair, the team that won Game 3 after splitting the first two games was 24-9.

Jake Arrieta struggled in a five-inning start and the Cubs continued their offensive funk, getting shut out for the second straight game by Rich Hill and the Dodgers bullpen.

Epstein said he puts his game face on during the playoffs and is locked in “pitch-to-pitch. He doesn’t like to talk during games, except with his wife and fellow front office executives.

“But we had some Giants fan that was talking all the time (during Game 4) and he’s trying to show me silly pictures on his phone,” Epstein said. “Finally I just grabbed his phone and handed it to him, ‘Sir, this is our living. Would you please leave me alone?’ He thought I was a huge (jerk). But it was good. He didn’t talk to me the rest of the game.”

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