Creepy clown hysteria has gone too far

Regarding “Schools frown on clown costumes” (Oct. 12): The idea of banning Halloween clown costumes reminds me of the type of hysteria exhibited by Chicken Little when she ran around saying, “The sky is falling,” because Henny Penny told her so.

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This also is a reminder of the Salem witchcraft trials based on accusations from two children. We need to view clowns objectively without prejudice.

Art Curtis

Chula Vista

Go back to rubber bands on newspapers

Regarding “Time to ban plastic bags: No on 65, yes on 67” (Oct. 14): The U-T has come out in support of Proposition 67. Yet every single day, rain or shine, my newspaper is delivered in a plastic bag.

How many hundreds of thousands of plastic bags now contribute to pollution? Have you ever heard of rubber bands? Believe it or not, rubber bands used to secure newspapers before this onslaught of plastic bags.

How about “putting your money where your mouth is” and using plastic bags only during those very few days when it rains?

Maryann Zounes

San Marcos

Don’t elect a president with poor memory

In reference to the article “Clinton responds to questions on server” (Oct. 14), it should have been called “Clinton does not respond to questions on server” as she mostly said that she could not remember.

When questioned by the FBI, she also said that she could not remember the answer to most questions. If her memory is that bad, how many critical things will she forget as president? Her bad memory clearly disqualifies her.

Dale Ranta

San Diego

Let’s not make same mistake with Trump

Donald Trump says men in power, or “a star,” can get away with the things he does to women. Is this the message he is sending to our generals, admirals and CEOs?

I agree with Republicans, what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office was terrible, so why do Republicans want another man in that office who treats women the same way?

Him going backstage to see beautiful naked women at his pageants is unbelievable. If a sexual predator says, “I’m sorry,” are they forgiven or do they have to pay the consequences? Or is it different for the rich and powerful men?

Michele Rose


Voters puzzling over the stadium measure

Regarding “Faulconer endorses Chargers stadium measure” (Oct. 3): Mayor Kevin Faulconer endorsing a new stadium might be just what this city needs.

The Chargers are definitely better off being in San Diego. Maybe a new stadium will give fans a win realistic enough to be excited about. Now that Faulconer has endorsed the Chargers’ new stadium, one-third more people are on board with voting yes on C.

At first he was against this measure because there were many unanswered questions regarding the proposal. San Diegans respect Faulconer and I think it was smart for Faulconer to wait until the team reached an agreement on what will be promised to the city of San Diego.

If the Chargers proposal falls through, San Diego will not be held accountable for the debt that is attached to it. Regardless of the team’s record, Measure C will be good for San Diego as tourism drives our economy.

Toni Rivera

San Diego

* * *

Cigarette smoking causes heart disease and cancer, and we don’t subsidize cigarette companies with public tax money.

Football causes permanent brain damage and lifelong misery in a very large percentage of its player employees. So why would we subsidize the multibillion-dollar NFL private corporation with public tax money?

Maybe San Diego would be more of a cutting-edge, “world class” city by not promoting a publicly subsidized business that damages people.

Thomas Wegman

University City

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