Clinton campaign tries to make it easier to influence your friends' vote

Hillary Clinton’s campaign just made it easier for supporters to directly message their friends about voting.  

An update to the campaign’s smartphone app allows people to upload their iPhone and Facebook contact lists, swipe away friends who they think won’t vote for Clinton and send prepared text messages to others about joining the Clinton supporters.

It puts the campaign a step ahead of Donald Trump, whose app allows only generic messages 

President Obama’s campaign used a similar Facebook tool to mine contacts from supporters’ friends lists in his 2012 reelection effort, but Facebook shut it down in 2014 due to privacy concerns.

“People didn’t feel comfortable having their information shared,” according to the social network.  

The Clinton campaign has revived and revised it, using updated iOS software that allows users to sync their Facebook contacts’ details with their iPhone contacts. The campaign wants to capitalize on those integrated connections and ability to send personal text messages to potential voters.

The app also shows which supporters have access to voters in battleground states by categorizing the uploaded contacts by area code. It’s available on Android and iPhone, and has more than 150,000 downloads, according to the Clinton campaign.

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