British socialite claims Jeffrey Epstein has proof she didn’t supply billionaire perv with teens for sex, but he refuses to testify

She’s pleading with a perv — to prove her innocence.

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has been accused of coercing Virginia Giuffre into serving as billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein’s teen sex slave.

Maxwell, 54, has publicly denounced Giuffre’s allegations that Maxwell procured her and other underage girls to have sex with Epstein and his rich cronies — including Britain’s Prince Andrew — calling them “obvious lies.”

Giuffre, now 33, filed a lawsuit against Maxwell in September 2015, claiming Maxwell’s comments constituted defamation.

Billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein must testify in victim’s lawsuit

Giuffre then subpoenaed Epstein, 63, to testify in her case.

Epstein — who unsuccessfully fought Giuffre’s subpoena — appeared for a deposition Sept. 9, the Daily News has learned.

And while Giuffre had called him to bolster her case, Maxwell contends Epstein has proof she wasn’t involved in sex trafficking — but won’t tell the truth.

“If compelled to truthfully answer the questions posed regarding the plaintiff, Mr. Epstein’s testimony will support Ms. Maxwell’s position in this case,” court papers charge.

Court may hear Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking

“His responses will confirm that Ms. Maxwell never engaged in any sexual contact with plaintiff and did not arrange for the plaintiff to have sexual contact with anyone.”

Her lawyers continue: “His responses will confirm that plaintiff was never held as a ‘sex slave’ for four years, nor ‘sexually trafficked’ to world leaders, heads of state, foreign presidents . . .”

But Epstein’s “refusal to testify truthfully” hurts Maxwell “because the truth fully exonerates her.”

Jeffrey Epstein has refused to testify to help Maxwell's case.

Jeffrey Epstein has refused to testify to help Maxwell’s case.


“Mr. Epstein previously has acknowledged that Ms. Maxwell was not involved in any criminal activity but now, improperly, refuses to answer questions that are critical to a fair resolution of this case,” she claims.

Alleged ex-teen ‘sex slave’ use of ‘Cosby defense’ hits snag

Maxwell, reportedly Epstein’s one-time girlfriend, also says a September 2007 email exchange with the U.S. attorney’s office in South Florida identified five people who might be implicated in a federal sex-trafficking investigation — and that she “was not one of them.”

Epstein wouldn’t face legal backlash for providing honest answers, given that he’s made agreements with state and local authorities protecting him from prosecution, Maxwell says.

Epstein, who in 2008 copped to soliciting a minor, is not a defendant in Giuffre’s lawsuit.

Manhattan Federal Judge Robert Sweet has agreed to hear, on Nov. 3. Maxwell’s arguments that Epstein be compelled to testify.

Neither Epstein nor Maxwell’s lawyers responded to requests for comment.

Giuffre’s lawyer Paul Cassell said she “will be filing a response to Maxwell’s motion to compel next week.”

“That response will indicate that Epstein’s testimony, if compelled, would fully support Ms. Giuffre’s allegations of abuse by Epstein and Maxwell,” Cassell said.

Epstein and wannabe sexist-in-chief Donald Trump are now being sued for allegedly raping an underage teen at a series of 1994 sex parties.

The Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit against them is ongoing. Both Epstein and Trump have denied the woman’s allegations.

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