Boy dangles from roof in 'Don't Shoot' shirt following Aleppo airstrike

A disturbing video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday shows a young boy hanging by his legs from a roof in Aleppo, Syria, following an airstrike that killed 30 according to Aleppo Media Centre (AMC).

Wearing a t-shirt that reads “Don’t Shoot,” the boy, who ABC has identified as 16-year-old “Marouf,” was caught by his legs on the edge of the roof of a bombed building.  

Uploaded to YouTube by AMC, the devastating video’s accompanying caption says that the child was the victim of an airstrike from Russian forces, and the building hit was his home in the Alqatrgi neighborhood of Aleppo.  

Mustafa al-Sarut is the man credited with capturing the shocking footage on YouTube. If al-Sarut’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the very same man credited with capturing the harrowing image of 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh for AMC. 

Covered in dust and with blood on his face, al-Sarut told NBC News, “I haven’t seen a look of shock on someone’s face as I saw with Omarn. Any child that is dug out of the rubble is either crying or screaming.” 

Perhaps he spoke too soon. The boy being called Marouf in Sunday’s footage is also eerily silent as a rescuer in a cherry-picker attempts the difficult task of freeing his legs.  

The video’s description explains that the video is not intended to “encourage violence,” but rather “convey the truth and meaning of the Syrian people to the world.”  

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