Bernie Sanders doesn't want his supporters voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson wants Bernie Sanders’ supporters — youthful and staunchly liberal — to back his Libertarian presidential campaign. 

Not so fast, says Sanders, now a key surrogate for Democrat Hillary Clinton. 

On Tuesday, Sanders, who was campaigning for Clinton in Arizona, used Twitter to highlight a major difference with Johnson.

“Gary Johnson: ‘Any restriction on campaign spending violates the First amendment.’ Translation: Billionaires will be free to buy elections,” Sanders tweeted. 

During the Democratic primaries, Sanders appealed to younger voters with a populist pitch that centered on, among other things, income inequality and overhauling the campaign finance system.

Some millennials who are not inspired to vote for Clinton are supporting Johnson instead, according to some polls. 

Johnson wants to expand that support. 

This week, he released a campaign video highlighting what he said he and Sanders share in common, while assailing Clinton. 

Among the issues Johnson highlighted were his opposition to the Iraq war and his call to legalize marijuana. 

In response to Sanders’ tweet Tuesday, Joe Hunter, a spokesman for Johnson, offered a terse reply. 

“It’s good that Sen. Sanders is listening,” Hunter said. 

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