Azealia Banks, Russell Crowe Reportedly Had Altercation in Hotel Room

Credit: Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images; Ben Pruchnie/WireImage

Well, something happened. Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe reportedly had a physical altercation during a dinner party at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday, October 15.

Though accounts of the evening’s events differ, TMZ reports that multiple sources confirm that Banks, 25, was in the 52-year-old actor’s hotel suite with approximately 10 other attendees as a guest of rapper-actor RZA, a pal of Crowe’s.

Things reportedly went awry when Banks scoffed at the Gladiator star’s music selection, calling him and at least one other guest “boring white men.” According to TMZ, a female guest then leaped to Crowe’s defense and told the rapper to “pipe down.”

In response, the “212” singer allegedly let loose a string of physical threats toward both Crowe and the woman.

Witnesses tell the site that Banks even dropped a few N-bombs for good measure and, at one point, looked ready to hurl her glass at other guests. It was then that Crowe reportedly carried her out of the suite and called security to escort her from the hotel.

On Sunday, Banks shared her own version of events, posting a since-deleted message to Facebook detailing a very different story.

“To recap my night, I went to a [party] at Russell crowes suite, at which he called me a n—-r, choked me, threw me out and spat at me,” she wrote. “Last night was one of the hardest nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time. The men in the room allowed it to happen. I feel terrible today.”

A few hours later, the rapper posted another message to Facebook, one that she has since left up: “I have receipts. Stay tuned.”

A rep for Crowe has no comment on the incident, and the Oscar winner himself has not yet spoken out about what went down that night.

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