'A German Team' changes its name to help perplexed Scottish fans

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  • Borussia Monchengladbach changes its name
  • UK pub called it “A German Team”
Sometimes, they’re just plain “Odd” (in the case of a Norwegian team).

But one German club with a particularly long name has come up with a novel way of making life easier for watching fans, after taking inspiration from a British pub.

Borussia Monchengladbach decided to take heed from one sign writer who clearly had trouble spelling its name, ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Scottish team Celtic in Glasgow.

Instead of the 23-letter tongue-twister, the club — often called simply “Gladbach” — has opted to change its name on Twitter to a more palatable “A German Team.”

For all the pre-game jesting, the match is actually a crucial one for both teams. With Barcelona and Manchester City the other two clubs in Group C, points in this fixture are all the more precious.

Celtic sits in third place with one point taken from its thrilling 3-3 draw against Manchester City, after a 7-0 hammering in Catalonia.
Monchengladbach is bottom and without a point but almost caused an upset against the Catalan club, before a disappointing defeat in Manchester.

The top two teams qualify for the last-16 knockout stage, while the third-placed club drops into the second-tier Europa League and the bottom side’s European season is over.

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